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In ayurveda, 50% medicine is correct diagnosis itself. It is not difficult to treat any disease, once correctly diagnosed. Many a time, a patient faces difficulties due to incorrect diagnosis.

ENT is considered very ordinary illnesses encountered frequently. But this ordinary looking sometimes assumes serious proportion. It is always easier to control and cure a disease when it is in starting state. Ignoring the common symptoms can give rise to a chronic disease later.

The cough and cold commonly occurs during monsoon and winter seasons. Viral infection or allergy is the `diagnosis' of modern science, and knowing it in advance, patients try to take anti-biotic or NSAIDs (non steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs) based on previous experience! They are causing serious damage to their gastro intestinal track this way. Elimination of dark yellow or green mucous through nose for about 10 days with fatigue is the symptom of viral infection; while allergic cold gives clear watery discharge through nose, swelling/inflammation in nose, eyes and throat. Allergic cold prolongs for full season.


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