Body Rejuvenation

Body Rejuvenation

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Are you suffering from following Symptom such as:-

  1. Are you getting severe fatigue for six consecutive months or greater duration which is unrelated to exertion, is not substantially relieved by rest?
  2. Are you getting the fatigue causes a significant reduction of previous activity levels?
  3. Are you getting impaired memory or concentration?
  4. Are you getting post-exertional malaise where physical or mental exertions bring extreme, prolonged exhaustion and sickness?
  5. Are you getting unrefreshing sleep, muscle pain (myalgia), pain in multiple joints headache of a new kind or greater severity?
  6. Are you getting sore throat, frequent or recurring, brain (feeling like you're in a mental fog),difficulty maintaining an upright position, dizziness, balance problems or fainting ?
  7. Are you getting allergies or sensitivities to foods, odors, chemicals, medications, or noise, depression or mood problems (irritability, mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks)?
  8. Are you getting sudden severe fatigue, especially following a flu-like illness, Sleep that isn't refreshing?
  9. Are you getting Muscle and joint aches without swelling, Intense or changing patterns of headaches, Sore throat?

Then you have to take medical help from Seva-Dham plus regarding Body Rejuvenation.

Body Rejuvenation comes under Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is the group of significantly debilitating medical conditions characterized by persistent fatigue and other specific symptoms that lasts for a minimum of six months in adults (and 3 months in children or adolescents).

The fatigue is not due to exertion, not significantly relieved by rest, and is not caused by other medical conditions.

In Ayurvedic view chronic fatigue syndrome caused by among the three dosha: Vata, Pita and Kapha. Aggravated Vata generates negative effects at the physical and mental levels. Feelings of intense fatigue, muscle cramps and pains are signs of aggravated Vata dosha, as also are weakness of nervous system, disturbed sleep patterns, mental fogginess and forgetfulness.

Also Ayurveda predict it as ojo-kshaya which is a result of imbalances in vital energy caused by inappropriate diet, stress, and build-up of toxins in the body. Lack of vital energy is a problem that usually challenges allopathic medicine.

Fatigue represents a lack of coordination between body, mind, and spirit. Due to accumulated toxins in the mind-body system, the life force is unable to flow freely.

Treatment Includes:-

The proper application of these therapies helps to reduce the biological ageing and increases working capability. The clarity of these faculties (indriya prasada) leads to clarity of mind. Special Techniques used Include:-

1. Abhyanga

The body is massaged with warm, herbalized oils by one or more therapists working in perfect unison. This promotes deep relaxation and gently stimulates the marma points leading to a state of mental balance and heightened awareness. This is the renowned "oil massage" of Ayurveda.

2. Swedana

An herbalized steam treatment promotes perspiration and elimination of toxins from the fatty tissues and nerves via the sweat glands. This treatment also optimizes the circulation and dissolves impurities.

3. Shirodhara

A continuous stream of warm, herbal oil flows from an overhead vessel through a small aperture onto the forehead. This treatment is said to purify the mind-body, and profoundly relax the nervous system. Individuals experience twilight states of consciousness between waking and dreaming.

4. Udvartna

A general term for therapies in which herbal pastes (or muds) are applied to all parts of the body. patients are wrapped in warm blankets and the paste removed when dry. This treatment exfoliates the skin, penetrates to the muscles and fat tissues, and removes impurities. Useful in stimulating weight reduction.

Other Therapies such as:-

  1. Shiro Vasti-keeping herbal oil in a cap fitted on head.
  2. Padasubhakari
  3. Shashtika shali pinda sweda
  4. Sarvanga kheera dhara
  5. Nasya
  6. Rasaayanaas therapy
  7. Nethra Tharpana
  8. Panchakarma therapy is followed by samana or purification treatment with oral medicines including herbal powders.

Naturopathy Therapy:-

  1. Hot and cold Fomentation
  2. Mud Therapy
  3. Enema

Other Therapy Offer:-

  1. Meditation
  2. Pranayama
  3. Yoga
  4. Exercise
  5. Diet
  6. Life Style Modification


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