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Mud is supposed to be one of the best remedies for ailments and thus used as a means of alternative medicines. It relieves the body from internal congestion and enhances blood circulation. It is also used in cosmetology as it contains natural moistures.

Organic muds are derived from peat and are applied at room temperature. It provided excellent relaxation of muscles of the exhausted skier and rapidly heals bruises. The Moor is particularly becoming popular for cosmetic surgery and serves for both recovery and skin care.

The key attraction of Mud Therapy is its uniqueness. There are several Mud sources, which are different in ingredients and have different effects. These natural treatments serve for a wide range of cosmetic needs, ailments and other conditions. Mud Therapy allows one to experiment and get pleasure by observing body`s response, which are highly personalized and varies from person to person.

Mud Therapy is a naturopathy, which is used to treat chronic inflammation caused by internal diseases, sprains, bruises, wounds and boils. Most of the naturopathy practitioners use moistened earth to cure various diseases. Earth, which is used in the Mud Therapy, can be obtained from ant-hills or riverbeds. The earth should be pounded well and sieved to remove stones or coarse particles of sand contained in it.

Mud Therapy is a naturopathy that has many beneficial effects in treating diseases, ailments and skin problems. It is also used as the beauty product now a day. The mud Therapy is used to cure diseases like osteoarthritis, periarthritis, back and joint aches and pains where there is no inflammation.

The common types of therapeutic mud are:-

01. Mud Packs

To prepare proper mudpack, clay is collected from ten centimeter below the surface of the earth and it is ensured that there is no pebbles or compost. The clay is then made a smooth paste by mixing it with warm water. The paste is then allowed to cool and spread on a strip of cloth. The size of the cloth may vary according to the requirements. The mudpack treatment is useful in the diseases related to general weakness and or nervous disorders. Mudpack is beneficial for headaches, eye troubles, swelling, stomach trouble, kidney disorder, gout, rheumatism etc.

Mud is then directly applied on the skin for fifteen minutes or other time span, depending on the degree of reaction required. Hot and cold therapies are used to relieve chronic pains, intestinal cramps and lumbago. The alternate application of mud helps to cure from the problems rose due to flatulence and intestinal obstructions. It is beneficial for curing colitis, enteritis, amoebiosis and other diseases caused by bacteria.

02. Mud Bath

Mud Bath is another way of the alternative treatment. It follows the same procedure of Mud pack but in a larger scale on the entire body. A cleansing water bath and cold shower is taken after the mud bath.

The Mud Bath tones up the skin as it enhances blood circulation and energizes the skin tissue. Frequent Mud Bath is very effective in skin treatment and cosmetology as it improves complexion, clear spots and patches on the skin. Various skin diseases like psoriasis, leucoderma and even leprosy can be cured by Mud Bath. The bath is also effective in getting relief from rheumatic pains or pains caused by injuries.

Mud has beneficial effect for skin due to following reasons

  1. It retains water for longer time even more than cold water pack.
  2. Restores proper skin pH.
  3. The cold moistures in mud relax the pores of skin and helps in blood circulation in the surface area.
  4. Mud Therapy helps in acne repair and prevention.
  5. The scrubbing effect of mud leaves skin smooth and rejuvenated.
  6. It has also Anti-inflammatory effect.
  7. Mud has anti -aging effect.
  8. It regenerates healthy skin
  9. Skin is toned by mud Therapy.
  10. Mud has detoxifying and toning effect on skin.
  11. Skin feels lighter after mud therapy.
  12. Mud has exfoliating action.
  13. It eliminates dead skin and refines skin structure.
  14. It helps to reduce spots and patches of skin, specially those formed after pox.

Mud therapy also has beneficial effects on body and various diseases, mainly problems related to pain

  1. It invigorates the body
  2. Mud Therapy reduces pain and aches
  3. It reduces back aches
  4. It reduces muscle aches.
  5. Mud therapy relieves the body from stress related problem.
  6. Relieves internal congestion and pain.
  7. It helps in natural hormone balancing of body.
  8. It eliminates the body toxins.
  9. It provides relaxation to the eyes.

Mud Therapy helps to cure various diseases like:-

  1. It cures allergy, psoriasis and many other skin diseases even leprosy.
  2. It reduces the irritation of eyes hence useful in the case of conjunctivitis, itching of the eyes, allergic conditions, hemorrhage in the eyeball.
  3. Mud therapy is useful in cases of errors of refraction like shortsightedness, long-sightedness and especially in case of glaucoma.
  4. General weakness and nervous disorders are cured by mud therapy.
  5. Stomach trouble, kidney disorders can be removed.
  6. Mud Therapy can cure gout, rheumatism, arthritis, asthma a, bronchopneumonia, diabetes etc.


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