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Induction of sweating for therapeutic purposes is referred by the name swedana in ayurveda. This may be used either for promotion of health or for curing the illness.

Types of Sweda:-

01. Upnaha Sweda:-

Upnaha is a type of ekanga sweda. The word upnaha means to tie. It can be done with or without heating the medicine. If upnaha is done during day, it is removed at night and if done during night, it is removed in the morning.

Benefits of Upnaha Sweda:-

It is usually done in osteoarthritis, Tennis elbow & vathakantakam, abscess, gout, ganglion, inflammatory conditions, pain and stiffness of joints etc.

02. Valuka Sweda:-

Application of heat and there by inducing perspiration by using heated pack of sand is known as Valuka sweda.

Benefits of Valuka Sweda:-

It is beneficial in the vitiation if kapha dosha, alleviates the pain and swelling, cures pain in rheumatoid arthritis, effective in disorders due to ama dosha. The procedure continues for 7 to 10 days for duration of 30 to 45 minutes.

03. Nadi Sweda:-

It is a unique form of swedana procedure where perspiration is induces by passing steam over the body parts by using a special instrument called nadi swedana.

Benefits of Nadi Sweda:-

Depending on the bodily part used it helpful in various aspects such as respiratory congestion, bronchial asthma, abdominal pain and swelling, different form of paralysis affecting a portion of the body, along with that it improve blood circulation.

04. Bhaspa sweda:-

Steam chamber is used in this treatment. Oil is gently applied on the body of the patient and is made to sit in the chamber where steam emanates from the boiling herbal decoction. Treatment is continued till the forehead and abdomen sweat very well. The purpose of swedana is to increase body temperature which opens the channel system to dilate resulting in increased circulation.

Benefits of Bhaspa sweda:-

It allows toxins to move out of the body through the skin as the body sweats. It helps in Weight loss, Removal of toxins, Relieves stress, Joint pain relief, Eases sore muscles, Relieves allergies/asthma and Improves circulation/reduces inflammation.

05. Pariseka Sweda:-

Induction of perspiration by the unique procedure of pouring warm medicated oil on the body is known as pariseka Sweda.

Benefits of Pariseka Sweda:-

It Improve stability as well as stamina of the body increase the functioning of the gastric fire, Renders excellence of the ojas, useful in case of fracture.

06. Avagaha Sweda:-

Avagaha means immersion. Avagaha Sweda is sweating by immersion and is a part of Purva Karma treatment prior to Panchkarma, Here, the patient is made to sweat while seated in a large tub.

Benefits of Avagaha Sweda:-

For treating diseases hernia, painful urination, rheumatism and certain other diseases due to deranged vata humor. Warm medicated liquid is filled up to the navel and for cases of severe rheumatism or other disorders of the Vata Dosha, up to the neck. In some cases, a blanket is kept as a hood over the patient and tub to increase sweating.


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